PSD2 API integration

If you are looking for the definition of OpenBanking API formats see their documentation. This section describes registration and authorization APIs used to protect access to the OpenBanking API.

Organisation registration


Before starting the registration process with Moneta Money Bank, your organisation must meet several prerequisites in order to be successfully onboarded as a TPP for the OpenBank API. As these prerequisities are provided by third parties MMB cannot assist you with them.

  • You must have a valid licence to use OpenBanking API issued by Czech National Bank or similar body within EU
  • You must obtain a valid PSD2 compliant client certificate to authenticate your application to the PSD2 APIs.

Organisation registration

In order to start using the API service, please register your organisation on-line on this portal. Based on your registration with the bank you will also receive extended access to this portal, including a technical documentation of the APIs.

To register click "Signup" link in upper  right corner of the page. Your registration must be approved by Moneta administrator. Please read the guidelines below and follow them to avoid mistakes and rejections in the registration process.

  • Each organisation (company) can be registered only once - the first registration user (contact e-mail) becomes so called "organisation admin" This person can then "invite" other developers from his company, so that they are able to work with the applications and APIs used by the company;
  • Do not allow your developers to register multiple times - multiple company registrations will result in unpredictable results
  • To register you company, you must provide the following information
    • Your company legal name
    • Your company registration data (adress, city, country)
    • State issued company register identification (Czech IČ)
    • Contact e-mails
  • In the registration form you are asked to enter your "company short name" - this field can contain only letters, digits and spaces - no special characters are permitted. Choose the "shortname" to identify your company well.
  • Password complexity - the registration password must match complexity requirements as follows
    • Lenght of at least 8 characters
    • Must contain at least one - UPPERCASE, lowercase, digit
  • After enrollment you will receive e-mail confirmation.
  • Your application will be approved withing 2-5 business days. Once your account is approved, you will receive an e-mail with activation link. You must use the activation link for first time log