Browse APIs

On the Dashboard, click APIs & Plans. The APIs & Plans screen opens. It has two tabs: one for the API catalogue and the other for the Plan catalogue.
To continue with API catalogue, please, choose APIs catalogue (Picture 1.- API catalog menu).

Picture 1.- API catalog menu
Information in the API catalog 
(Table 1.- API catalog).




The type of API: REST, SOAP, or Other


The type of authentication (and in some cases, the grant type) that the API requires:

  • None
  • API Key
  • OAuth 1
  • OAuth 2 - Authorization Code
  • OAuth 2 - Implicit
  • OAuth 2 - Resource Owner Credentials
  • OAuth 2 - Client Credentials
  • Basic Authentication
  • Other


The visibility of the API: Public (visible to all users) or Private (available only to users given access to the API). Note: If an API is set to Private and you have not been granted access to it, it will not appear in the API Catalog.


The status of the API: Enabled, Disabled, or Deprecated


The version of the API


The number of applications that use the API

Table 1.- API catalog