Service group: General.

API services, which can be applied for by any registred third sides. Provides user`s informations.

  1. API: Branch information.
    Describes the branch offices list including working time and contact information.

  2. API: Exchange rate.
    Provides an exchange rate list.

Service group: Bank ID.

Provides verification of Moneta internet banking active user.
As a part of the flow provides a client`s redirection to the MONETA website, where the client agrees to render identification data to the consumer of the service. The service is charged by default.

Service group:Current Account Onboarding.

Service for arranging the opening of a TOM current account in MONETA. As part of the process, the basic contact information of the client is  shared with MONETA via API. The client receives an email with link to MONETA web where the process can be finished fully online.

  1. API: Iniciation.
    Service with contact information, which is transfered to Moneta. The email with link will be sent.

  2. API: Request status.
    Provides a current status of the request. Starts with email with link and continues up to account activation including ‘penny transfer’.

Service group: Web–2-Call.

Simple API to transfer the lead to MONETA. Mandatory parameters are only customer’s phone number and identification of the partner. Primarily for loan products. Commissions are paid according to the contract.

Service group: LOANs.

A set of end-to-end loan intermediation services. Now available for the retail segment only. The process consists of anonymous pre-scoring, which filters out clients suitable for another product (recommendations to send directly to a branch office - a Web-2-Call API can be used) and clients who are suitable for a retail loan.

Next, the loan application is submitted, the result being either approval or rejection of the application. Then it is possible to arrange an appointment at the branch office or to transfer the client to MONETA Call Center to complete the loan application process in the Internet Bank. In the future, option to complete the loan application.

  1. API:Pre-scoring.
    Performs the initial anonymous selection of clients. Identifies the clients suitable for continuing the loan application; clients suitable for another product; and filters out customers who are not eligible for MONETA products.

  2. API:Application.
    Submitting a loan application form in MONETA Backend Systems to trigger automatic approval workflow. The application status (approved/rejected) can be determined online by another API based on the ID received.

  3. API: Email Summary (Consent).
    After obtaining the client's consent, Moneta sends an email with the summary of the requested and approved option together with a list of documents that the client needs to have for loan disbursement at the branch.

  4. API: Status for 1 request.
    Description: Returns the request status to the ID. Possible outcomes:
    • Positive Approval: Option approved and higher-amount options are also possible up to the maximum amount.
    • Exact Amount Approval: The required option was approved.
    • Negative Approval: A lower amount is approved, or conditions are different than the client stated.
    • Rejection.

  5. API: Multiple request status.
    Returns statuses to multiple IDs at once. Optimized for this type of queries.

  6. API: Appointment.
    Allows to arrange a meeting due to an approved application at the selected office at a particular time to draw a loan. It is recommended to have a summary email sent before meeting, so the client knows what documents he or she needs to have at the branch office.

  7. API: Callback.
    Some existing users are allowed to use online signature in Internet Banking for finishing a loan. This API transfers the client to the MONETA call center, which will assist with further sign up.

Service group: Mortgages.

APIs for real calculation of creditworthiness and interest rates. The calculation is anonymous, without the identification data of the client and is provided for comparison of model situations before moving to the bank portal for brokers, where the application can be finalized..

  1. API: Creditworthiness.
    The API is used to determine the client's creditworthiness, including the dependency of the input interest rate.

  2. API: Interest Rate
    The API is used to determine the model of client's default interest rate. Then the exact interest rate will be calculated in the bank portal for brokers.