The application report

Choose Application Reports on the the navigation sidebar (Picture 2.- Application reports).

Picture 2. - Application reports

The Application reports allow developers to:

View usage for an application: Select an application from Application menu. The graph shows total API queries/requests (a.k.a. "hits") for that application.

  • Top graph: Shows total hits against the API from all the Developer's applications.
  • Middle graph: Shows how many hits out of the total successfully received a reply  (i.e., resulted in a successful transaction).
  • Bottom graph: Shows how many hits out of the total did not receive a reply  ( resulted in an error).

View latency for an application: Select an API from the API menu. The graph shows average latency of the API for all applications.

  • Top graph: Shows the total round trip time for an application request to enter the API Proxy, go to the back-end API(s), and then pass back through the API Proxy.
  • Bottom graph: Shows the time it takes for a request to be processed by the API Proxy.

In the Choose Range menu, select the date range, from Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, and Last 365 days. Alternatively, you may select specific dates in the From and To fields.