To start with API Portal user should be registered. To start the registration, click on "Signup" button in the right upper corner (Picture 1.- Signup).

Picture 1.- Signup

The registration form will appear. Fill in all the required fields (Picture 2.- Registration form).

Picture 2.- Registration form

NOTE: Please, read carefully the Terms of use and then mark off "I accept the declaimer" if relevant  (Picture 3.- Accept the declaimer).


Picture 3.- Accept the declaimer

Press "Next Step" to be redirected to the second part, containing the information about the organization. Company short name will be used on developer portal instead of the full name (Picture 4.- Short name). In case this field is empty, the full company name will be used.

Picture 4.- Short name

Press "Register Now", if the information is complete and correct (Picture 5.- Register now).

Picture 5.- Register now

You will receive registration email to the email address mentioned in the form before (Picture 6.- Registration email).
NOTE: If you haven’t received any email, please, contact
Now the request should be approved by the administrator.

Picture 6.- Registration email

The second email will be sent when the request is approved and account can be activated (Picture 7.- Approving email). You should activate the account by click on the link provided in the email.
NOTE: It`s not possible to use the portal without activation, even if the request has been approved.

Picture 7.- Approving email

NOTE: If your request is rejected, you will recieve an email, where you will be informed about rejection.

After clicking on the link from the second email, you should log in with username and password selected during the registration. Then the activation will be completed (Picture 8.- Login).

Picture 8.- Login