The Power of API Management

Securely expose APIs to developers while providing them with all the tools and resources they need in order to quickly build apps against your APIs.

Publish APIs

The Add API Wizard provides an easy way to publish your existing APIs on the Portal. Before you publish any APIs, you need to create a EULA that you will associate with the APIs. Also, please ensure that your API backend is CORS enabled before you publish any APIs.

Get An API Key

To get an API key, add an application to the Portal. The Portal assigns each registered application a unique API key. Applications need an API key to access APIs. You also need an API key to test APIs in the API Explorer.

Test An API

The API Explorer lets you interact with APIs that have swagger or wadl files. You also need an application's API key to interact with APIs.

Generate Reports

To monitor the usage and latency of your APIs, use the Portal's Real-Time Analytics. Quickly visualize traffic trends for APIs and applications. Track quota usage for organizations. Developers have access only to information specific to their organization.